The concierge solution for Ecommerce.

(646) 233-4264

Benefits of Alohabet™ robot assisted SMS concierge

Engage customers in one-on-one conversations

Simple Ecommerce, via text message

Reach customers using a familiar interface

Try a robot concierge today.

Text an automobile VIN number to (646) 233-4264. Our system will tell you something useful about the car.

Snap a photo of an object and text it to (646) 233-4264. Our system will figure out the object.


What is Alohabet Concierge?

Alohabet is an easy way to engage with customers, using a familiar SMS platform.

Why SMS?

Two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners.
Text messaging is the most widely-used smartphone feature.
97% of smartphone owners use text messaging!
source: Pew Research Center - U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015.

Do standard text messaging and data rates apply?


I have another question.

Great! Shoot us a text message. We'll respond if we're not busy.

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